Car and Coach Rental Services in Bargi-Dam

Bargi Dam is built on river Narmada (Ganga of Madhya Pradesh) in Madhya Pradesh state of Central India. It is just 40kms south of Jabalpur city. Out of 30 major dam projects on river Narmada, it is one of the first completed dams on river. Bargi dam construction started in year 1974 and completed in year 1990. Main dam is constructed near Bargi village, close to National Highway-7 (connects Jabalpur- Nagpur) due to which it has been named Bargi Dam. It serves in irrigation projects and hydropower generation of 90 MW capacities. In addition to irrigation and power generation, dam is also used for tourism promotion on region. For tourism promotion, MPSTDC has opened its well furnished hotel for peaceful accommodation and entertaining visitors at this site.

Indica for Hire in Bargi-Dam

A Local USE

8 Hrs X 80 Kms.


Extra Kms.


Extra Hrs.


Railway Station Transfer

3 Hrs X 30 Kms


Airport Transfer

4 Hrs X 50 Kms.



Min. 250 Kms.


Driver Allowances

Per calendar daily


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